Blake Northfield CEO statement



Founded in 2014, Bronte Pictures is a film production company and currently one of the busiest in Australia.


The ideology behind Bronte Pictures is quite simple; we want to push the boundaries, contribute to growing the Australian film industry with a strong commitment to retaining experienced film makers whilst also pairing them with emerging film makers and thus ensuring the future of Australian film is in safe hands. We found that for young emerging filmmakers – there is a hard battle they have to fight to get their foot in the door in this industry. We want to break that mould and offer opportunities every chance we can.


Our priority first and foremost is the film. We’re not boxed down to producing one type of film. We pride ourselves on our diverse slate. Amongst our current slate we have films across all genres being shot in the coming year with an immense variety in development. We select directors and writers who we believe are not only the perfect person for the job, but are a decent person to work alongside. We only want to work with people who want not only the best for the film, but to be a part of an environment that’s enjoyable.


In 2016 Bronte Pictures expanded outside of Australia and into both Russia and China, creating the first Australian production company with employees in both countries, working tirelessly to develop content and strengthen relationships in each respective country.


Working alongside the best businesses in the industry and partnering with sound and film college SAE, the world’s leading educator in creative industries, we are constantly searching for new ways in which to entertain. We are focused on being in touch with the ever advancing technology whilst also staying true to the grass roots of film making.


We wish to entertain you, challenge you and most of all, remind you to think outside the box.